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Welcome to Spring Time Festival


Spring Time International Film Festival brings enthusiastic filmmakers, photographers with target audience together.

Why should you Choose Us?

We believe in versatility. We want to help you and all the works registered in the Category: “All categories” will be promoted on our social networks. It does not matter if you are not selected, we will announce your work. All projects registered in the All categories have a promotional post on our social network.

We Are Always Ready To Put You Through The Best…

Our objective is to provide support for film-makers through reviewing, judging, marketing.

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Submission Starts On

  • January 14, 2023 Opening Date


This is when you actually submit your project from filmfreeway with all the attached details. Please check our page for


MARCH 8, 2023

Notification Date

We start sending out notification to the candidates who have submitted to Spring time festival.


14- 17 MARCH, 2023


The selected films will be screened on our Screening page for the wide variety of audience

  • 14 th March – 17th March, 2023, IST
  • Online and Live Screening in New Town, Kolkata

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