Ideas to sell your work in today’s Industry

-Create a professional profile:

-Create a portfolio:

-Post regularly on social media:

This article is about three ways to promote your work as a cinematography artist on social media. It has been written by someone who has been in the industry for more than ten years.

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The History of Cinematographers and the Motion Picture Cameraman Profession

A cinematographer is the person who is in charge of the camera and lighting on a movie set. They are responsible for recording the images and sounds that appear in films, television programs, commercials, and other video productions. They work closely with directors to determine what type of shots will be used for a production.

The first cinematographers were painters who would paint scenes from the Bible or other stories. These paintings were then projected onto screens to create moving images that captured people’s attention. In 1894, Louis Lumiere created the first movie camera which he called “Cinematograph”. This device allowed people to see moving pictures in their homes for the first time ever!

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The Future Role for The Cinematographer in Film and Film Preservation With New Technology

In the past, the cinematographer was responsible for everything related to film and video production. This included camera work, lighting, set design, costumes and makeup.

As technology advances and changes the way people consume media, it also changes how we make it. The cinematographer might be less involved in production as new technologies are introduced. They will be more focused on creating content that is more immersive for viewers.

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